Smoking In Public Places - The Smoking Ban Backlash Essay

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Smoking Ban Backlash Walking down Boston’s Boylston Street at the late hours of the evening, the sidewalks are crowded with smokers taking their last hauls before entering the bars for a night of drinking. Due to the smoking ban in all public work areas that has been in effect since May of 2003, restaurant and bar patrons of Boston bear the cold winter season approaching, and reminisce about the old days where it was legal to enjoy a smoke with a cocktail at a bar. In May of 2003, Boston joined 90 other communities that banned smoking in Massachusetts, prohibiting smoking in all public establishments. There are certain exceptions to the smoking ban such as lodge halls, nursing homes, and businesses that obtain most of their…show more content…
Only five months after the Boston ban took place discussions of a statewide ban immediately began, and as it gets closer to 2004,the state of Massachusetts inches it’s way closer to a statewide ban. The Senate recently joined the House of Representatives in backing the statewide ban. The two branches of legislature will meet in January to revise a draft of the bill for the statewide ban, which will most likely pass in early 2004 and take effect July 5, 2004, making Massachusetts the 6th state to ban smoking statewide. California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, and New York have already passed similar bans. Governor Mitt Romney will ultimately decide the state bans fate, yet he has not confirmed which way he leans on this issue. Many Boston bar and club owners who opposed a city ban now look forward to the statewide ban in hopes that clientele will return, but most owners had no problem with the smoking to begin with. “I’d rather have smoking be allowed to make the customers happy,” said Irish-born Milan O’ Shay, a bartender at the Flann O’ Brian’s Pub in Mission Hill. “But since that won’t be happening, a statewide ban gives less of competitive edge to the other towns in the area that have yet to ban smoking.” According to the Boston Globe, a pool-hall owner had hopes that the smoking ban in Boston would bring
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