Smoking Is Not Good For The Body

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Almost everyone has known since they were little kids that smoking is not good for the body. Even though people know this, many still decide to go out and buy some cigarettes so they can smoke. There are so many reasons that smoking is not good. The main reason smoking is not good for people is because it is harmful to their body, and may even cause death. The smoker's body isn’t even the only body that could be affected by their smoke. Everyone who surrounds the smoker is breathing in the smoke and receiving second hand smoke. Some research suggests that second hand smoke is just as bad for the body as smoking a cigarette can be. Another bad thing about smoking is that it is not only harmful to the body, smoking is also harmful to the environment. So overall smoking in general is just bad for everyone who is exposed to it, and bad for the world we inhabit. It would be nearly impossible to ban smoking as a whole, but one of the ways to contain the harmful effects of smoking would be to ban smoking from any public area. One of the big reasons that smoking should be banned in public is because of how bad it is for people's health. Now obviously the best way to stop smoking from harming people's health would be to ban smoking entirely. However, that is not possible to do that so this is the next best solution. The health of a smoker would be so much better off if thee smoker would only smoke at home. This is because the smoker would not be able to smoke as many cigarettes on a daily basis, and the less a smoker smokes the better off the health of that smoker will be. The reason a persons health will be better off the less they smoke is because smoking is very dangerous for someones health. Smoking is particularly known as being dangerous to one's lungs. Pavitra Sampath states in her article 10 Reasons Smoking Is Bad For You that “cigarettes have a large number of chemicals which leave a considerable amounts of residue in your lungs, airways and your entire body in general. All this residue ends up clogging your lungs, leading to breathing problems and lowered lung function.” The lungs aren’t the only organs in your body that will get damaged from smoking. Smoking also negatively affects your most important

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