Smoking Is The Biggest Cause Of Cancer In The World

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1. Smoking is One of the biggest causes of cancer in the world. For many years of researching links between smoking and cancer are now very clear.

Lung Cancer
One of the main parts of the body that are affected by smoking are the lungs. Lung cancer is caused by inhaling cigarette smoke this is damaging the cell that line the lungs this changes the lung tissue almost immediately.
Smoking cigars ,cigarettes and pipes is harmful to your whole body but especially to your lungs. For a person with asthma, smoking and secondhand smoking can cause asthma attacks. This can lead to permanent damage to the lung tissue and cells.

Respiratory Disease
Some symptoms for the respiratory disease from smoking are coughing, phlegm, wheezing
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So smoking is not good for you so don’t smoke.

Explain how Science has shown a link between smoking and [ Lung Cancer ].
Lung cancer
Lung cancer occurs when a odd cells in the lung grow in an uncontrolled way. It often spreads to other parts of the body before the cancer can be identify in the lungs. Lung cancer is 1 of the 10 most common cancers in both men and women in Australia.

Surveys were sent to 35,000 male British doctors documenting their smoking habit, then repeatedly thereafter. They check the amount of people who have died over 50 years and results were issued and for the next 50 years. In 1956 Lung cancer deaths from smoking was had a higher loss of life than non-smokers, heavy smokers had a higher chance of getting lung cancer than light smokers. Cigarette smokers had a higher chance of life then pipe smokers. Smokers who continue to smoke have a high loss of life when compared to people who give
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Cigarettes to relaxing you because the nicotine removes the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms caused by smoking but because of the spike in the heart rate
The cigarette appears to relax you because the nicotine removes the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms caused by smoking, and gives you a brief hit from the brain-reward chemical called dopamine.But because of this spike in heart rate and blood pressure it’s difficult to achieve the level of relaxation and stress relief of a nonsmoker.

Once people start smoking they can become addicted because of the nicotine in the cigarettes causing you to smoke more, than in the long term it causing cancer. Nicotine has a big effect in the brain and body causing disliked changes in behaviour making you depressed or drowsy. It will also create a physical dependency that will cause unpleasant symptoms.

Smoking can be caused by your friends and family smoking. Friends pre-pressure you to tire smoking when you are at a younger age then been addicted to smoking in your adulthood.
You start smoking because your family gives you smokes then been addicted to smokes.

Conclusion is that just by saying no could change your life not have that cigarette not getting, sick or cancer. So don’t smoke and keep
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