Smoking Is The Single Most Preventable Cause, Disease, And Expensive Medical Expenses

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In most cases, smoking is ongoing. Smoking have led to deaths and diseases within individuals. There are issues with the increased medical expense that are associated to smoking. Cigarette companies are gearing their advertisements towards the younger generation to reel in first-hand smokers. Tobacco industries have a large amount of money so they can afford lobbyists to do their biddings and secure their agenda. Furthermore, smokers know how hard it is to lie down their packs of cigarettes and quick smoking. They may recommend that the power of nicotine addiction: even if the individual wants to stop smoking, the addiction often upholds its overpowering. The three major issues with smoking is death, disease, and expensive medical expenses. “Smoking is the smoking is the single most preventable cause of death (Root Cause Analysis: America’s Smoking Epidemic, 2011).” The nation’s safety goal and objective consist of having a healthy and well population. Smoking causes 440, 000 premature deaths every year and at this time 8.6 million individuals suffer from smoking-associated illnesses. These consequences of smoking effects the nation’s safety objectives. In addition, smoking discharges more than 250 toxic chemicals and this impacts the environmental objectives. Annual reports reveal that productivity losses are caused by smoking is projected to be at $97.6 billion and this impacts the production objectives. After all, the medical care expenses of smoking, which total up to…
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