Smoking On Teens In America

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Smoking cigarettes leads to mental diseases and casualties in the United States with more than 480,000 individuals in the United States dying from cigarettes and about 41,000 deaths from second-hand smoking (CDC). After John Rolfe introduced the commercial crop in Virginia in the 1600’s, tobacco became the leading exported crop for the colony. Tobacco’s initial purpose was for “pipe-smoking, chewing, and snuff,” (CNN) and to cure individuals with health issues. With the abundant amount of tobacco, smoking became inexpensive and easy to access across the nation. Along with the accessibility and reasonable price, smoking became a huge issue for individuals ranging from teens to adults. An advertisement campaign, called TheTruth, created this visual advertisement of the teenager smoking a cigarette and the smoke of the cigarette illustrating a gun facing the teenagers head. From analyzing the advertisement, one can conclude about the high fatality rate of young teenagers smoking in the United States. The advertisement campaign focuses on the effects smoking has on teenagers in America. The creator of the visual uses a contrast between dark and light colors to portray negativity behind teen smoking, the use of symbolism to depict a gun from cigarette smoke conveys how each objects functions similarly, and the display of the text on the right hand side of the visual invokes fear to teen smokers. The creator of the visual incorporates dull colors in the advertisement to

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