Smoking Persuasive Essay

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In many cases, there are smokers who decide to stop smoking and change their lives for the better. An example is David Sturges, who is an attorney and lung cancer survivor. In 2002 David had been diagnosed with a small, malignant tumor in the lower lobe of his right lung-lung cancer. David was fortunate enough to undergo surgery and through his hard journey of recovery survived. Throughout his journey, David recognized that lung cancer is a branch of cancer research and is now traveling the world informing schools, organizations about the suffering f of lung cancer. He travels to schools, conferences, and workshops talking about how smoking challenged his life and raises funds for development in lung cancer research. This is just how one life changing surgery can help one man influence many. (Lung Cancer Foundation of America, 2016)
Not allowing smokers to have surgery is discrimination against smokers. It would not be ethical for a doctor to be allowed to treat everybody excluding smokers. There is no law saying that smokers cannot smoke, in fact, the Australian government makes around 8 billion dollars through smoker's (Business Insider, 2016).David Leyonhjelm, Australian liberal Democratic senator had delivered a speech thanking smokers and “They don’t like your habit, but in my view, they have an even filthier habit: spending our money- and other people’s money – on things that are often even sillier than spending too much on cigarettes and booze”-David Leyonhjelm (Alex H, 2014).
The licensing body of the UK states that a doctor must “take all possible steps to alleviate pain and distress whenever a cure may be possible”. In addition, patients should be informed and educated about the effects that smoking has on their body, but doctors cannot allow them to be penalized by denying them the treatment they need. David Blunkett, the Labor party’s health spokesman stated: “Everyone has a right to the National Health Service, no matter how foolish they have been in their own behavior, whether that is in smoking or in fooling about in a boxing ring or on a rugby pitch” (Helen S, 2016).
Lung transplants are dependent on how many transplant organs are available. There is the issue that there aren’t enough

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