Smoking Primary Prevention

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According to our text by Carole Bernstein Lewis (2002), prevention is the act of aiming to prevent a disease from occurring before you even catch it (p. 39). This can be done by limiting exposure to hazards that lead to an outcome of disease or injuries, avoiding unhealthy or risky behaviors that will lead to disease or injuries, and increase restrictions if the disease or injury do occur. Prevention will have a great impact on our youth through educating them on the risk of not eating well, exercising regularly and smoking. Smoking cigarettes has a huge impact on the world in 2015 stated by CDC "More than 16 million Americans are living with a disease caused by smoking. Worldwide, tobacco use causes nearly 6 million deaths per year, and current…show more content…
In relation to prevention Lewis (2002), refers to secondary prevention as a main purpose to reduce the impact the disease or injury has after it occurred (p. 39-40). This is done by locating the disease or injury and treating it as soon as possible to slow down the progression. With secondary prevention for example, how I stated previously that primary prevention would prevent the youth from getting cancer by educating them on the effects on smoking. secondary prevention would be a prime example of a young high school student getting sick and going to the doctors. The doctor informed her that there was node in her brain he also, stated if she stopped smoking cigarettes and began medication right away the node will go away. By the doctor informing the high school student of this he is practicing the act of secondary prevention. I can relate to this example I used I'm pretty sure in my future career I will be dealing more with secondary prevention. I am going to school for psychology and pharmacy I'm a double major. In pharmacy I will be issuing individuals medication for diseases or injuries that have already occurred. My encounter with individuals will slowly be to prevent progression of the affects diseases or injuries are having on their
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