Smoking Should Be Banned In Public Places

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Smoking should be prohibited in public places because it causes pollution, is disrespectful to others, and is dangerous to others due to secondhand smoke. Smoking in a public place should be prohibited. Public smoking is a large epidemic in the United States that needs to be stopped. Smoking is not just dangerous to the person who smokes, but to those who are around them as well. The children, the adults, everyone can be affected by it.
First, smoking causes different kinds of pollution, like ground and air pollution. The air can become polluted causing it to become hard to breathe. As well as making . it hard to breathe, it causes the air to stink and brings secondhand smoke. Smokers also tend to leave their butts on the ground, just flicking them out of their hand onto the ground. The pollution let off by cigarette smoke is 10 times more polluted than the exhaust given off by a car. The smoke given off by the cigarette has finer particulates, which is more dangerous.
Second, people chose not to smoke, they personally do not want to deal with it or to be exposed to it. It is not fair for them to walk outside after shopping, or even outside of a hospital, and walk into a cloud of smoke. Many times non-smoking hotels smell like smoke. This is disrespectful to the owners of the places. Not smoking in public shows respect for people's thoughts and beliefs. If people chose not to smoke or not to have it in their buildings, then we need to respect that and not challenge their
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