Smoking and Brain Tumors in Women

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Policy On Smoking And Brain Tumors In Women Name Institution Date Smoking and Brain Tumors in Women 1.0 Description of the Public Health Issue The prevalence of tobacco use among women has increased rapidly in the past century. This increase has resulted to an increase in smoking-related diseases, like lung cancer, brain tumors, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. There is growing literature suggesting that women are more susceptible than men are to the effects of smoking. This rapid increase in tobacco use among women and the health effects associated like high mortality, morbidity, and health conditions like brain tumors and cancer call for enforcement of policies to improve the health and safety of women. The prevalence of smoking and tobacco use by women increased from 6% in 1924, 3% in 1965, with 18% women smoking in the United States (Benson et al., 2010). smoking has increased globally but it is more prevalent among women in developed nations. This is leading to an increase of different health conditions, which were believed as male-dominated, like lung cancer, COPD, acoustic neuromas, and pituitary tumors. The need for policy measures also arises from the fact that tobacco use is a growing epidemic as first reported by the U.S. Surgeon General's Report. Smoking in women is a public health concern since is causes an annual average deaths of 178,311 in women in the U.S., and he increase in women is in contrast to a decrease in smoking by men

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