Smoking and Second Hand Smoking Essay

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Lifestyle is one of the determinants of health. Several factors influence the family lifestyle in UAE such as smoking. Tobacco uses still a great health hazard. It caused death for more than six million people in the world in 2010 (Aden, Karrar, Shafey & Al Hosani, 2013). UAE faces a lot of negative effects related to tobacco such as cardiovascular disease which counted by 37.5% of all deaths in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (Aden, Karrar, Shafey & Al Hosani, 2013). Injury can cause mortality and disability. It was the second leading cause of death UAE between 2000 and 2008 which is estimated at 1200 deaths per year. Around 9% of deaths of children was caused by injury from 2000 to 2008 (Loney, Aw, Daniel, Handysides, Ali, Blair, Grivna & Shah,…show more content…
It also can increase the risk of cancer, peripheral vascular diseases, and lung cancer. Smokers are at doubled risk for ischemic stroke (Ockene & Miller, 1997). Smoking plays a great role in endocrine disorders. It can decline the rate of fertility in both male and female. It is also associated with insulin resistance (Tweed, Hsia, Lutfy, Friedman, 2012). Indeed, both types of smoking, active and passive smoking can cause serious health problems. Passive smoking is the inhalation of smoke, by persons other than the intended "active" smoker. It is also known as second hand smoking and it can cause premature death and morbidity. It can cause ischemic heart disease and asthma (Wipflia & Sameta, 2011). Second hand smokers are at increased risk for coronary heart disease by approximately 30% (Barnoya & Glantz, 2005). Second hand smoking has undesirable harmful impacts on children. It can cause lower respiratory tract infection, asthma, cot death and meningococcal disease. Children are more prone to develop the above mentioned diseases than adults as, children inhale more polluted air per kilogram (action on smoking and health, 2014). I would like to advise the paterfamilias or any smoker to visit a Clinic for Smoking Cessation as it helps them to stop smoking immediately. Home accidents and injuries are common cause of death in the UAE especially among kids. They spend most of their time inside homes. The parents believe that their home is
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