Smoking and the Effects of It Essay

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Smoking and the Effects of It

Smoking is known as one of the worst habits to break. Most people who start never quit just because it is just too hard to quit or they are just so addicted to the chemicals that the tobacco companies use in their cigarettes and don't see the real problems that smoking can cause. If smoking did the same thing as it did on the outside as it does on the inside, how many people do you think will smoke then?

Everyday, about 3,000 teenagers smoke their first cigarette. About half of those teenagers become addicted and then regular smokers before the age of eighteen. About one third of these teenagers will die of lung cancer, heart disease, leukemia, or some other smoke related problems or diseases.
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Studies show that people don't just die from smoking, but from second-hand smoke as well. About 40,000 non-smokers die each year from second-hand smoke. It causes lung cancer and heard disease just like smoking does to a smoker, but to someone who doesn't. Do you really think that's fair to the many non-smokers everywhere? They try to separate the smokers from the non-smokers by two different sections in restaurants and other public places, but the truth is that they all know it doesn't work.

If you stop smoking your health will increase drastically and you will notice some big changes like:

 20 minutes after you quit: blood pressure falls and pulse rate return to normal
 48 hours: taste and smell is enhanced
 2 weeks to 3 months: blood circulation improves and lung functions increase up to thirty percent
 1-9 months: lung functions continue to improve
 1 year: excessive risk of heart disease is half that of a regular smoker
 5 years: rate of lung cancer death drops by almost half. Risk of stroke is also reduced to that of a non-smoker five to fifteen years after quitting. The risk of cancer of the month and throat is cut in half.

Heart disease, some types of cancers, and other respiratory diseases are some of the many effects that smoking puts on a person. About 40,000 Americans
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