Smoking as a Social Problem

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Smoking is Injurious to Health

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Contents Table of Contents: 1 Executive Summary: 2 Review of literature: 4 Definition of Problem: 5 Formulation of Hypothesis: 6 Research Plan: 6 Data Collected: 7  Surveys: 7  Interviews: 7 Findings: 8 Data Analysis: 13 Role of society: 13  restlessness in our society: 13  Lack of self expression: 13  Pleasure seeking: 14  Lack of appreciation: 14  lack of relief: 14  IRRESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOUR OF MEDIA: 15 Recommendations: 15 Conclusion: 15 Replication of Study: 17 References: 18
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Murad IV made Pope Urban VII look like a pushover--his punishment for breaking the ban was death. King James I of England was no fan of tobacco either, so he picked up his pen. In 1604, James wrote the treatise A Counterblaste to Tobacco, and he didn't pull any punches, writing, "What honour or policie can move us to imitate the barbarous and beastly maners of the wilde, godlesse, and slavish Indians, especially in so vile and stinking a custom?"(King James, 1604).
As the years progressed, smoking became more and more acceptable. Nazis aggressively tried to suppress tobacco usage but their ban fell with them, as during World War II and the immediate postwar years, smoking was actively promoted in most aspects of society. One only has to review the movies of the '50s and '60s to see that in almost every scene the hero or the heroine is smoking a cigarette. Even, King James's attacks on smoking over 3 centuries ago (Eckholm, 1977) have been vindicated.
As a result of this, the tobacco companies and society have been very effective in promoting smoking as being socially acceptable. This may seem all the more peculiar, given that most smokers believe smoking is hazardous; indeed, even in 1968 (Horn, Note 1), 53% of smokers reported that they would like to stop. That the antipathy does not necessarily depend on scientific data is evident from the response of Solomon Islanders and Saharan Africans: Though uninformed of the evidence
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