Smoking in Public Buildings Should Be Banned

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Smoking in Public Buildings Should be Banned Is it true that secondhand smoke can have almost the same health effects as smoking a cigarette? Is it true that some countries have banned smoking in public buildings already? Is it easy to guess how those bans turned out? The countries that banned smoking in public buildings are experiencing fewer health problems in their citizens and have had no negative economic effects due to the ban. Even though everyone should be able to do what they want, where they want if it is not hurting anyone, smoking should be banned in public buildings because it causes health and environmental problems. Smoking causes health problems for everyone around the world, not just people near smokers. Most people know that smoking can cause countless health problems; a group of scientists conducted a study showing the effects of secondhand smoke in nonsmokers. The scientists knew in 2004 that, on a worldwide scale, the health concerns created by exposure to tobacco smoke for nonsmokers were not well known. They tested people and found the effects from worldwide exposure in children and adults, and these statistics have probably risen in the past ten years (Öberg, Jaakkola, Woodward, Peruga, Prüss-Ustün). They found that “Worldwide, 40% of children, 33% of male non-smokers, and 35% of female non-smokers were exposed to second-hand smoke in 2004. This exposure was estimated to have caused 379,000 deaths from ischaemic heart disease,”- also known as

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