Smoking on College Campuses

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The days of smoking on college campuses is coming to an end! (Daneman) The Department of Health and Human Services made an announcement, backed by the White house, to act on getting colleges everywhere to enforce a tobacco free campus! (Daneman) Smoking is a choice made amongst an individual and falls within the first amendment in the constitution along with eight more! So how can we legally ban smoking from a whole college campus? In the end, the individual is going to do what he/she pleases if there is no enforcement. Smoking should be banned from college campus, except where there is a designated smoking area away from others on the campus! Smoking is the use of tobacco or nicotine. Tobacco is made up of more than 70 plant species…show more content…
E-Cigarettes are battery operated nicotine inhalers. (Neporent) Instead of a harmful chemical floating into the air, it is said to be just a “water vapor”. E-cigarettes contain many different fills. Some consist of vanilla flavored nicotine, chocolate flavored nicotine, and even as far as to making them taste like mountain dew without any nicotine. Although research shows that bystanders aren’t exposed to the secondhand smoke, they are still being exposed to the nicotine! (Keilman) The American Lung Association’s found the chemicals formaldehyde and acetone in the e-cigarette vapor that is exhaled. (Keilman) Should the use of e-cigarettes be allowed in a public smoke free zone? If you took a moment to consider the facts about the many harmful chemicals inside of cigarette smoke and what it does, not only to the smoker’s body, but to those around them as well, could you see why smoking is banned from many places such as: restaurants, schools, shopping centers, and most public places? Although, there is one place in particular where officials are attempting to get smoking banned, but haven’t fully done it yet, college campuses! College campuses are a prime place for encountering someone who smokes considering the fact that people of all ages attend college. Now, one could argue that to ban smoking from a college campus is against their constitutional rights. The first amendment clearly states that “Congress shall
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