Smoothie Blenders

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A smoothie is a great way to get the nutrients your body requires from fruits and vegetables. Smoothies have become very popular with health conscious people and are available in a variety of flavors. What is a smoothie? A smoothie is a chilled blended beverage made from fruits and/or vegetables. It is sometimes sweetened and may contain chocolate. Many smoothies include crushed ice, honey or frozen fruits. They are consistent like milkshakes and are thicker than slush drinks. Usually smoothies do not contain ice-cream but there are some that contain milk and yogurt. Smoothies are now available in cafes, coffee shops and even in supermarkets but the best way to get a smoothie that is tailor made for you is to make it yourself. To do this you…show more content…
You can choose between a portable immersion unit and a full sized container blender. The portable immersion unit is designed for individual needs and is portable enough to carry to the office for on the spot use. To make more than one glass of smoothie at a time you will need a container blender. These electric blenders sit on your counter top. They are used to make large batches of smoothies. They have a lot of power and can even blend ice and frozen fruits.

When choosing your smoothie blender you should consider how often you will be using it. Different blenders run for different periods of time, if you are planning to use the blender for longer periods of time then you need to get a heavy duty blender that will be able to handle the load. Usually the run time of a blender depends on the RPM (Rotations per Minute) of the motor. A good rule of thumb is that the lower the RPM the longer the run time though this is not always the case.

Blenders run at a very high speed so it is important to get a blender that is sturdy. If you leave your blender unattended it should not 'walk' across the counter because of the vibrations from its motor. Your blender should also come with a lid that fits snugly. The lid should not pop off and cause a mishap if you are not there supervising. You should get a blender that has a tight lid and a heave base, such a blender will be much safer to
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