Smuggling In The United States

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Smuggling is the movement of pretty much any kind of goods into or out of a country even if the goods are illegal or legal. Legal could be vegetation, tobacco, alcohol. During the prohibition days, alcohol was illegal, I guarantee tequila was a hot item coming across the border. The reason people smuggled is not limited too but for profitable reasons or because that specific item is illegally being moved into the country to make money on selling. Really to me it all comes down to the mighty dollar. Smuggling is a way to pass taxes and laws so that they perp can have total profit of moving goods that are not taxed or legal to even sell. The selling of military grade firearms and drugs has a dramatic impact on society. The drug world is unforgiving where the wrong move could get your entire family wiped off the earth. This underground world has the firepower of the best firearms and the no forgiveness for deceit. The fear…show more content…
We as Americans or even the agencies that work that border might think they do but in reality they don’t. I watched a documentary years ago about the drug cartels but the name slipped my mind. Back in the 60-90s the Columbians were considered the most ruthless cartel group. The pyridine has changed a bit. A shift has occurred and those drugs from South America are being filtered up through Mexico. The cartels have a lot of money, manpower and firepower. The war on drugs is a very costly war to fight. You have one choice in which we could even more militarize and direct. The problem is that our own civil liberties and rights play as a big wall to go after the cartels and drug chain of commands. The above listed could be effective but the American people would have a big problem with this type of hardnosed idea. I think another possibility could be certain states to allow drug usage. In that tax it, have it legal but tax it. I don’t agree with this but it is an option. I don’t know all the stipulations but just an
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