Snake Eyes

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Hum 101 T/R 3:00-4:50 HUM 101 • Myers Greek Tragedy Film Analysis 1. Who is the hero of this film and why do you see it that way? The hero of the film is Rick Santoro because even though yes he has been making decisions his whole life that hurts others. The definition of hero is character should be an admirable person with whom the audience can identify. While Rick does not really follow the description of a knight in shining armor, he still makes the right decision in the end and is willing to serve his time in order to see justice done. 2. Explain the hero’s tragic flaw. The hero’s tragic flaw is that is Santoro has been bullying people and accepting payoffs for years. He is a greedy person who for most of his life…show more content…
He suffered all this pain because he for once was not willing to give into greed and would not kill someone just to get everything he wanted. 5. When and how does the audience experience fear in connection with the hero (according to Aristotle’s rules)? When Rick is limping down the hall, trying to get to the girl before she is found by the bad guys could be seen as a scene of potential fear. His friend was following behind him with a gun draw, ready to do what was needed to stop Rick and the girl from exposing his deception. You did not know what was going to happen to Rick and her but you felt some form of fear that they could be killed and the bad guy could get away with it. 6. Does the film have a catharsis? When and how does it occur? If it doesn’t have one, explain what emotions the audience experiences at the end. I think the catharsis of the film was the end where they are showing Ricks rise to being a hero and then his fall to being seen as a villain. In this part there really was no feeling of fear or pity since they made it in such a way that it was fluid and you knew what was going to happen and actually accepted it, since Rick had done a lot of bad things before his one good decision. At this point you are happy to see that Rick has decided to change his life for the better, but also are happy that he has to still pay somewhat for the crimes he has done.

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