Snakecharmer" and "In the Snake Park

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The poem, "Snakecharmer", is a poem that conveys an underlying theme of power and control, as represented by the snakecharmer, through the nature of the snakes and their relationship with the snakecharmer. There is no consistent rhyme scheme to the poem, and almost all the stanzas in the poem have run-on lines to the following stanza. The effect these create is a general atmosphere of inconsistency and disorder. The run-on lines also place an emphasis upon the last word of the stanza and the first word of the following, helping the poet impress upon the reader the significance of words such as "river", "tongues", "snakes", "shapes" and "rules". The atmosphere of inconsistency and disorder that is created can also be linked to the…show more content…
The alliteration in the fifth stanza of "bodies, bough, breast" also helps bring up the pace of the poem as the "b" sound creates an explosive effect that indicates something shocking. This prepares the reader for the sheer number of snakes described later; "snaky generations: let there be snakes!", after which the pace slows again. The snakecharmer's absolute power is reaffirmed in ‘he within this snakedom / Rules the writhings which make manifest / His snakehood and his might with pliant tunes", where "snakedom", "rules", "snakehood" and "might" emphasize the fact that the snakecharmer is the ‘ruler' of all the snakes. The fall in pace and thus in energy at the end of the seventh stanza is from the anti-climactic "And snakes there were, are, will be – til yawns". The last stanzas continue this decline in pace and energy ‘til the end of the poem. The surreal atmosphere created by the poet before that anti-climax is suddenly undercut by the very human behaviour of the snakecharmer; "yawns". When he "tires of music" and "yawns" the reader is reminded, rudely, that he is and ordinary human too, despite his power over the snakes; "snakehood and his might". It is interesting to see that what the reader would view as powerful, compelling and extraordinary is to the snakecharmer and ordinary job of work. For the poem, "In the Snake Park", the basic theme is the same –

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