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SnapChat Company Overview SnapChat is a photo messaging application (App) developed by Evan Spiegel and Robert Murphy. Both of the founders were Stanford students. The application was initially developed for a project at Stanford. This app allows the user to share photos, videos, add text/drawings, and send them to a controlled list of recipients. Users have the benefit of setting a time limit for how long the recipient can view their snaps (Ranging from 1 - 10 seconds), after which the photos/videos will be hidden from the recipient’s device and deleted from SnapChat’s servers. The smalltime college project developed into a huge social media success due to its innovative feature (Magid, 2013). SnapChat is one of the fastest growing…show more content…
Primary Research We surveyed random individuals using Qualtrics to gather primary data for our research. Forty-nine individuals responded to our survey, out of which twenty-seven were valid surveys we used for testing. Our survey consisted of the below questions: -Have you heard of SnapChat? -Are you a SnapChat user? -Gender? -Age? -How long have you known about SnapChat? -Do you know about Facebook’s offer to SnapChat? -How did you hear about SnapChat? -Will you recommend SnapChat to others? -Did you start using SnapChat before or after Facebook’s offer? Correlations Testing Twenty-seven individuals were surveyed to determine for how many months do they use SnapChat in comparison to their age and if there is a relationship between age and usage of social media apps such as SnapChat. A Pearson’s analysis revealed a moderate negative correlation, r= -.38. Age does have a relation with the number months individuals used SnapChat, as confidence level in our testing is .049, which is lower than 0.05. The results are reported in Exhibit 1. We chose Correlations testing as our primary method of testing because our data fit this type of testing and provided the results we required for our research. Exhibit 1 One-Way ANOVA Testing A one-way ANOVA testing was conducted to determine if there is any relationship between gender and the usage of social media apps, such as SnapChat. Independent variable was Gender, whereas the dependent variable was the

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