Snapchat In Schools

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Today has been a bit of a turbulent day for the students of Southside Highschool as there has been a sharp outcry for shorts to be made no longer against the rules. This was sparked by a demonstration by a student who came to school wearing shorts. He was caught around 3rd period and sent to ISS but his actions have led many students (mostly male) to promise to wear shorts tomorrow and in the further future until shorts are no longer against the rules.

Near the end of the school, an announcement was made over the intercom listing the punishments for wearing shorts but all this managed was to inspire more people to join this cause. Since then I've heard countless numbers of people promising to wear shorts as an act of protest. Online petitions have been filed and students are posting on both Instagram and Snapchat about what they consider an unfair and outdated policy. I personally fear that this could be very bad publicity for the school district as a whole if the local news catches on to this and spins it into a much more negative light.
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1. Some consider the overall dress code policy to be sexist as girls are still allowed to wear skirts and dresses while boys are effectively forced into wearing long pants and complaints about boys being given too much leniency are present from the female population.

2. A smaller but still vocal minority presents the idea that the dress code sexualizes students and makes them feel uncomfortable due to the strict guidelines for girls such as shoulders being hidden, bra straps being absolutely concealed, and other concerns about the arbitrariness of certain lengths of dresses, skirts,
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