Snapdeal Business Model

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Snapdeal business model: It is pure marketplace, somewhat like eBay and alibaba. Snapdeal’s business and platform model is anchored by an innovative system that incorporates updates from both sellers and shoppers. The platform enables sellers to list products for sale on the site, manage inventory, and make pricing changes in real-time based on what is happening in the marketplace. High volume—for example, a pair of shoes sells every 30 seconds— means that thousands of sellers are making dynamic price adjustments. This results in Snapdeal’s inventory and pricing management system processing more than 500 writes per second. Meanwhile, shoppers on review and rate sellers for customer satisfaction based on their experience…show more content…
So, they did a couple of cool things. First of all, they have an HR team that specializes in technical recruiting, and are themselves engineers. they also have managers who are very hardcore techies, a lot of them are engineers too. That helps attract people because they look forward to the learning experience, and they know they will make a real contribution to the company. They are able to convince people that once they join a company like Snapdeal, as opposed to a very big multi-national company, what they are building directly affects their life and the lives of people around them”. 3. Engineers as Entrepreneurs: Every team member is encouraged to be an entrepreneur. Teams do not own technology deliverables, they own business metrics. Metrics as in how many clicks, in how many scrolls can people get to the search results that they’re looking for? Things of that nature, things that directly impact the business. 4. Standups: They align business priorities in a very effective manner. One of the key things that they have done to make it more effective is the interaction between teams is very informal. All of the decision making in terms of technology, road map planning, decision making, what needs to go in, what doesn’t need to go in, how much you get from other teams – all of this interaction is very informal. A lot of the meetings happen in the corridors. We(V.P. of Snapdeal) stand there,
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