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Snapple Case Study

Despite the fact that many small startup premium fruit drink companies stayed small or even disappeared during the period from 1972 to 1993, Snapple was able to flourish. A large part of Snapple avoiding the fate of these other companies can be attributed to how successful it was in utilizing the four Ps of marketing, especially product and promotion.
Of the four Ps, the marketing mix typically starts with the product, which is one area where Snapple separated itself from competitors. The product not only entails the physical unit but also, among other factors, its package, warranty, after-sale service, brand name, company image, and value. Snapple prides itself on being 100% natural. Although the original
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Snapple also sponsored the radio programs of two highly outspoken men, Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh, who promoted Snapple's various products on-air.
Finally, price is what a buyer must give up in order to obtain a product. It is often the most flexible of the four Ps. Although not explicitly stated in the case study, I know from further research that Snapple isn’t significantly cheaper or more expensive than substitute products. The average sixteen-ounce bottle of Snapple is $1.50, which is comparable to what one would pay for an Arizona iced tea or a bottle of Coca-Cola. A significant advantage was not gained in this area.
In order for Mike Weinstein to regain the level of success that Snapple once enjoyed, he needs to make a serious effort to return Snapple to its roots. First and foremost he needs to reestablish the public relations and advertising strategies the company once used. Weinstein should reach out to Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh, and Wendy Kaufman to again promote Snapple's products. He needs to communicate to them how instrumental they would be in returning Snapple to its former status among fruit drink companies. If he can’t get these individuals "on board," then Weinstein needs to find suitable replacements that have similar personalities to the aforementioned spokespersons. In addition, because today's society is so reliant on technology, he should advertise Snapple products through various social media.
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