Snatch: Narrative and Audiences

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Snatch Guy Ritchie, 2000 Snatch is classified under the Gangster genre. The film uses the codes and conventions of this genre which creates meaning for its audiences. As in all films the first ten minutes are the key in setting up the audiences expectations and also to inform its viewers of information needed to understand the rest of the film. By the genre one has narrative expectations due to the stereotypes of genre films, in this case it might be, gunfights, scams and money making schemes. Also certain themes will be expected as gangster genre films have reoccurring themes such as violence, theft, drugs and money. Before the film even starts audiences have their own expectations by the title and by Ritchie's own personal style.…show more content…
Not only does it do this it introduces one of the characters seen in the credits and starts the plot moving. Also it reinforces one of the themes, as you have a man fighting with a punch bag. The scene then skips to ‘earlier', this shows that the narrative structure of this film is non-linear. Once again we are shown iconographic items such as guns. This furthers audiences enigma codes as they wonder "who does he need protection form." This shows leads to the motivations of this character. For the next scene we go bag to a protagonist narrating. This is used by Ritchie to get information to audiences. In this instance he is explaining why his ‘partner' needs that protection, answering the earlier enigma. Also it introduces another character, the villain/boss. We know this is the case as he's called "Governor". We can see this too, by his actions; he kills two men for a reason which is not seen by the audience. The villain also orders these men to be fed "to the pigs", this suggesting an idiot plot point. This scene builds another action code for the viewers and leads them to expect more. Narrative resolutions can be answered by the use of these action codes, in this film the resolution is that the boss gets killed. We also have some themes reinforced; violence, boxing and gambling. Fans of Gangster genre films and Ritchie's work know what to expect but they expect a different take on these familiar elements. Through successfully combining the codes and

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