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3 Ways to Sneak in More Self Care Making space to take care of yourself and prioritise your needs is one of the biggest challenges busy, high-achieving women face.

When life gets overpowering and levels of stress rise, it's so tantalizing to clear out your calendar by taking off the things which you do for yourself. On the surface, it can seem like the easiest, swiftest, lowest conflict path to making more time, energy, and getting the "critical stuff" dealt with. The difficulty is that it isn't.

When you're living a life where getting things done and looking after multiple responsibilities is imperative, this means you are critical. When your presence is important, when other folks need and depend on you, it's more important than ever
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The truth is, when I pay myself first - when I put my workout at the top of the list, when I take the time at the start of my week to plan my meals or plan some good down time in my week? I not only feel better all week, I perform better. I am more targeted and creative. I feel more alive and I have more to give. My clients notice this as well. When they drop the assumption that they have no time for themselves and start putting their self-care first, they really get more done.

3. Make self-care an appointment and make it a standing date. Mull it over. If something is tricky to do, why make yourself "reinvent the wheel" and start anew with doing it every time? When you can, it is often best to make self-care a ritual.

A client who was continually traveling for her company fought with emotional overeating when she was on the road. She struggled with the easy way to take care of herself and make great food and portion decisions in each new hotel and new town she visited. One simple step we took to reduce her stress and to help her take control of emotional eating was to design rituals that helped ground her and she could use to relax, plan her eating decisions, and limit stress eating. The key was to systematize things so she had a ritual she was used to completing at set times of the day and that would kick in even if she is away from
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