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Sneaker Designer
A career as a sneaker designer seems very glamorous and even fun to some. Until, they realize the many challenges and responsibilities that come with this career. Such as the hours of sketching (which can become very tiresome) or the constant criticism one may receive for their sketches. Sneaker designers unbox, sort, review, and modify shoes (A day in the, 2016). Sneaker Factory also said meeting with product developers to discuss ideas and visiting factories to check progress are typical tasks of sneaker designers.
As a sneaker designer, it is important to have “written and verbal communication skills.” (Color designer II Jordan, 2017 February 27). The site also stated that color designers should also be skilled at using
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The New School in NYC, a top fashion school, offers many options on fashion degrees such Associates in Applied Sciences for Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing (Top schools for fashion, 2017). A Bachelors of Fine Arts in Fashion Design could also be earned at the New School says Study. The New School also provides the opportunity to receive a Master of the Fine Arts in Fashion Design and Society, and or a Master of the Fine Arts in Fashion Studies according to Study. Study also recommends attending the School of the Art Institute in Chicago, Illinois. Here, one could get a Bachelors of Fine Arts with emphasis on Fashion Design, and or a Master of Design in Fashion, Body, and Garment Study declared. Neither a special certification nor an internship is mandatory, but an internship could be helpful. (Footwear designer: education requirements and career info, 2017). However, a portfolio, a collection of a designer’s work, is required (Shoe designer: career profile, 2017).
The median wage of a Fashion Designer is $30.61 hourly and $63,670 annually (Summary report for: 27-102.00 fashion designers, 2016). As of February 26th 2017, Indeed advertises 216 job openings in the United States for footwear designers (2017). Nike promoted a position called, Color Designer II Jordan (2017 February 27). The projected growth for this career is slow, between 2% and 4%, according to O Net Online
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