Snhu It-200 Milestone 2

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ANONYMOUS IT-200 Milestone Two Southern New Hampshire University Networking: Swagger Distribution’s networking illustration is showing a wired networking system for the company. As the diagram shows, the companies system is most important in the computer room. This is where most of the company’s connection begins. The internet, which is the WAN (Wide Area Network) is the beginning to the LAN (Local Area Network). This starts with the WAN coming into the computer room’s T1 Demarcation Router. The T1 Demarcation Router is then connected to the Main Router which has a connection to the Firewall as well as the Ethernet Switch. The Ethernet Switch then has a Fiber Optic cable connecting to the warehouse Remote Ethernet Switch. This allows…show more content…
From there has been created a wireless bridge to the office where one set of computers can be linked to another while sharing the same internet connection. In the office is a router with a PC connected wirelessly. Moving back into the computer room, there has been a VPN tunneling through the WAN creating a connection to the warehouse as if it was part of the Private Network where they can send and receive data. This would go through another firewall, modem, and router which is located in the shipping department of the warehouse. There, two computers are wirelessly connected to the network. Web Technologies: At Swagger Distribution, the interest in designing a website is a wonderful aspect to have in the society we live in today. Key concepts that are important when it comes to designing a website is necessary to know before getting started. First knowing what language you want the website designed in, can be beneficial based on what the company wants to do. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a language that creates the website. Hypertext allows someone to move around the web. When clicking on a text in an HTML website is called a Hyperlink. Markup is what the tags do to the text inside of the HTML website. Language, of course, is a language, HTML is the language that has the code and syntax, just like any other language. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is used for configuring the language on the webpage. When

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