Snow: A Short Story

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"Do you ever see yourself, fantasizing, about snow?" She asked, unaware of the ignorance, that seemed to protrude, across her face. "We live in Texas, obviously." I snickered, as she shot me a look of annoyance, "I know." She began as she rolled her eyes, "To better explain it, have you forgotten the feeling of snow, not your mind, but your body, the feeling of it laying in your hands."

"I guess?" I shot back a reply, to the sentence, "I don't really miss it that much, it's not like the books or the movies, you pick up a pile of snow, and it feels rough, kind of like clouds, you expect it to feel soft, but in the end you fall right through it." Surprised, that I managed a few brain cells to say something, other than I guess, or make a stupid
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