Snow Can Be One Of The Worlds Most Beautiful And Ugliest Creations

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Snow can be one of the worlds most beautiful and ugliest creations. Once it first hit the ground untouched, it’s a lovely white blanket that covers the ground. But as soon as you step on it it becomes a black yucky mess. Its sort of like a relationship. There’s the good times where everything goes right and you’re all lovely dovely with the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Reality, unfortunately, won’t just allow those kind of situations. Eventually you’ll run into the bad times where your relationship can take a turn for the worse and turn into a battlefield for war. However, just like new snow can cover the ugly snow, brand new good times can cover those bad times. At least that’s how I like to think of it as. Too bad we don’t get snow here in Atlanta. “What’s going on Tre,” Mike, my best friend, sat behind me and said. ‘What you doing. Checking out the new transferred females.” “Nah, nothing like that. Just thinking about something,” I replied. “Oh that’s too bad. Heard that there are some real hotties attending here now,” he said grinning. “And you know I can’t turn down the ladies.” “Too bad they don’t they don’t think the same.” “Nah, this year gonna be different. I got a secret weapon.” “Which is?” “This,” he said, showing me is fingers. “You painted your fingernails. What kind of weapon is that?” “See you’re not thinking outside the box man. Chicks love when men do this kind of thing. It shows that I’m not afraid of what expressing myself.” “What
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