Snow Dog Research Paper

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Snow dog sledding!
Run, Stop, Walk! It was a cold Saturday morning in Italy. Once my mom told me were going dog sledding I jumped out the bed, got ready and ran straight out the door into the car, then we started driving. once we get there I admired all the dogs. I get on the dog sleigh and off I went i caught all the cold breeze! I was riding on a dog sleigh with 2 snow dogs! Brr it was ice cold. I was feeling frightened at first but then I got used to it. The next I knew I was going up hills and down hills so fast! It was like a roller coaster! (but on snow!) it felt like I was santa claus on a sleigh but no. instead I had a dog sled and instead of reindeer I had two snow dogs. I could not believe it at first. My dogs were white with orange
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