Snow Is All Grown Up

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Snow was all grown up, she became exceedingly beautiful with her long black hair, pale smooth skin and glistering red cheeks. Her father loved and spoiled her immensely, he’d buy her all the china dolls she adored to complete her collection. Her father had remarried to a tall, beautiful blonde granting Snow a stepmother when she was only 7 years old. They had met at a business conference in New York and instantly fell in love. At the age of 17 years old, the stepmother’s envy and jealousy started growing stronger towards Snow as Snow got everything she desired and took the spotlight. The stepmother took a glance in the mirror and began talking to herself, “ I’m the fairest of them all, not Snow” as she continued to stare, she noticed the room getting darker, the wrinkles on her face grew more visible and she noticed liver spots emerging on her arms. She thought to herself, “ Snow must go, there’s only room for one dominant gem in this household”. The mirrors became the stepmother’s drug because they were her gateway keeper that guided her decision-making ultimately, triggering her jealousy and hatred towards the poor and innocent Snow. One day, a letter showed up in their mailbox from an unknown person that was addressed for Snow. The evil stepmother opened the letter and her eyes immediately wandered to the bottom of the letter where it read: from yours truly, your mother. The evil stepmother was shocked because she thought Snow’s mother had died in an accident, so she
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