Snow Lake Is A Town Of Eastern Arkansas Near The Mississippi River

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Snow Lake Snow Lake is a town in eastern Arkansas near the Mississippi River. Calling this area is a town, though, is a stretch for this “town” only has around 50 people. The area also lacks many other town characteristics. The closest gas station is sixteen miles away from Snow Lake and the restaurant is twenty-six miles away at the town of Elaine. To get any supplies other than what is carried at a gas station Snow Lakers must travel fifty miles to Helena-West Helena which is also the closest doctor’s office. The children of Snow Lake attend grade school at Elaine and high school in the town of Marvell which is fifty miles away. Students travel over one-hundred miles daily to attend school and live in Snow Lake, though there are so few…show more content…
Another situation that shows the isolation of this area is described in the article when Judge McElroy came into office and decided to venture all the way out to Snow Lake. As he drove into the town he was immediately flagged down by a citizen and questioned, he was then instructed to leave immediately. This type of action would not be anywhere close to normal in a city or any sort of large town. It really could only happen at Snow Lake. Snow Lake is obviously very isolated because of its distance from a larger town but it is also very isolated due to its geographic location. Snow Lake is located in Desha County; however, Elaine, Marvell, and Helena-West Helena are all a part of Phillips County. This is because Snow Lake is in the North-Eastern part of Desha County that is cut off from the main portion by rivers. No bridges have been built to connect Snow Lake to the main part of Desha County due to the few people that would benefit from the large cost and effort. Instead, when Snow Lakers wish to visit central Desha County they must endure a two-and-a-half-hour drive that covers over one-hundred and thirty-five miles and four different Arkansas counties. The article says that while Judge McElroy does drive this distance he prefers to fly there as it only takes twenty minutes and is one-hundred miles shorter by air. Snow Lakers seldom must drive this distance; however, some situations might require a visit to a courthouse or a revenue office and driving the distance may

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