Snow Piercer Analysis

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Snow Piercer was directed by Bong Joon-ho in 2013, which is based on the French novel Le Transperceneige. At first glance, most people will not understand the many themes that this particular film has. After carefully examining the film the viewers may find the hidden themes in the film that will be explained in this analysis. Themes that will discuss are humanity, revolt, and master of your fate. There are many sub-themes within the film but this particular analysis, it is the crucial focus on these themes because it helps develop the central plot and conflict with in the film. The first theme that will discuss is humanity. The whole plot of the movie focuses on preserving humanity or what's left of it. After global warming had destroyed the earth and making unsuitable for any living creature to survive the Conductor train made that makes an around trip cross the earth to try to preserve humanity. Even though he was ridiculed about his theories and his plan to save humanity he still went ahead with plans and end up saving what was left of humanity. Throughout the movie, many of the characters' humanity was tested. Even though the Conductor saved humanity he sectioned off the train by class. The lower class was placed in the last cart of the train. They were treated horribly and were supplied with the basic necessity of living. Since the lower class did not have the basic necessity of living their humanity was questioned every day. Later in the film the protagonist in the

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