Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

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Snow White is the fair maiden who was the fairest of them all. In “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” Snow White would be the fair maiden who is innocent and naive. “This time she poisoned an apple which she took to the cottage. Snow White—persistently and tiresomely naïve!—took a bite of the apple and fell to the floor dead.”(Buchholtz). Snow White’s naivete self always fall for the Queen’s trick and fell to the ground. “Snow White naively wants to adorn herself with a lace and a comb...”(Buchholtz). The Queen’s plan to kill Snow White is out of jealousy so she can be the fairest of them all in the kingdom. The fair maiden or the child is the one who get saved by the evil for example like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. “In the Cinderella…show more content…
Princess Aurora’s innocent mind takes her to prick her finger upon a spindle and she falls into an enchanted sleep. Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora are the fair maiden in the fairy tales it demonstrated the common archetype in three different fairy tales. The Fair maiden is always the one being rescued by the evil villain.
Fairy tales not only have the fair maiden or the child archetype it has the evil stepmother or the wicked witch. (Melendez) The wicked witch is a "A cruelly malicious person who is involved in or devoted to wickedness or crime; scoundrel; or a character in a play, novel, or the like, who constitutes an important evil agency in the plot.”(Jung, Joesph, and Frye) The evil step mother is a “female character (almost as ubiquitous as the Wicked Witch) traditionally is a replacement for a deceased, often revered mother, often with disastrous results for the usually female protagonist child. Invariably, this character will attempt to get rid of the children of her husband in order to either gain riches for herself or to have more attention and or wealth for her own children.” (Melendez) Both archetypes are different, but similar because they both are devoted to wickedness to hurt the fair maiden.
In “Snow White and the Seven Dwarf” the Queen is the evil stepmother who is jealous and envy of Snow White’s beauty. “The wicked queen is envious of Snow White because the young girl is becoming very
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