Snow White Case Study

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This writer analyzes a case that pertains to a patient by the name of Snow White. Snow White’s case delineates and highlights the intricate factors that can play a role in the decision that involves long-term disability leave. Snow White’s case involves psychotherapy notes, a car accident that left Snow White with a possible temporary or long term disability. The car accident left Snow White with the inability to work and seeking to request disability. However, the direction the case took was life changing as Snow White was denied disability. The reasoning behind the decision involves the disclosure psychotherapy notes, which were not accurate according to Snow White. This writer analyzes how this case could have been examined differently…show more content…
Afterwards, Snow White was involved in a car accident, in which she was rear-ended and resulted in a condition referred to as connective-tissue disorder.
Subsequently, this injury left Snow White unable to work due to a worsening back pain. She then applied for long-term disability leave. In the process her employer’s carrier, Walt Disney Corp. requested for Snow White to sign a broad release covering her medical records. Three months after, Snow White found that that she was denied long-term disability coverage on the basis of the psychologist’s notes. Apparently, the psychologist’s notes stated that Snow White was seeking employment elsewhere and that she was working on a case. However, the psychologist’s notes are what cost Snow White her request for long-term disability coverage.
Now, Snow White is pondering whether if she has a cause of action case? When it comes to filing a litigation based on cause of action, the person filing must establish prima facie (Bennett-Alexander & Hartman, 2015). Essentially, prima facie is gathering evidence that fits a cause of action (Bennett-Alexander & Hartman, 2015). To start Snow White could appeal the decision made by the employer’s carrier or perhaps seek mediation. Snow White can seek a cause of action against the psychologist based on defamation. The defamation, is where Snow White would have to prove that the psychologist’s notes tarnished her image, and subsequently cost her long-term disability, her
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