Snowball Earth Origin

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Throughout this course, we have covered a lot of interesting information, and my main takeaway is that I got everything I was looking for when I registered to take this course. This course was recommended to me by a friend that had taken it last year, she described it as an interesting interdisciplinary seminar with a good professor, and I was not let down. I have always had a strong prior interest in learning about the origin of life and more specifically the origin and evolution of the human species, and every single day we had class I learned something new about those topics. If there were to be one main thing that I takeaway when I look back at this course in ten years, it would be that you are honestly one of the most passionate teachers I have ever had for a course.…show more content…
Being able to see all the interesting fossils and other artifacts that you have brought in for us made your lectures come to life and made the class more engaging. As for the material covered in this course, I both mostly positive feedback with the occasional critique. The books we have read have been very intriguing, for the most part, they find a way to be informative while still turning that information into a story. The storytelling aspect of each book made them easier to follow and consequently made it so that I could absorb more of the information in the book. Snowball Earth was a perfect example of this and a perfect way to begin this class. To first learn about the origin of complex life from the point of view of a man as entertaining as Paul Hoffman was the way to go and I would recommend keeping this book as a part of the course. As for Remarkable Creatures, this was honestly my least favorite book that we read the entire semester. While I understand that the point of the course is too learn new information, this book was just too informative and dry. It was hard to get through and while it opened my eyes to some of the people behind monumental discoveries
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