Snowball Vs. Napoleon 's Animal Farm

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Asher Barrett Mrs. Wynn Literature 8-4-15 Snowball vs. Napoleon Snowball and Napoleon both had different opinions how Animal Farm should be run. They both had a common goal but they both had a completely different way to achieve that goal. If Napoleon had an idea Snowball would have a completely different idea that would lead in a different way. There are three ways that Napoleon and Snowball were different. First everything Napoleon took part in would benefit himself not the whole Animal Farm. Second was that Napoleon never showed interest in the strength of the Animal Farm but only in the strength of his authority over it. Lastly Napoleon would take more to brute force while Snowball was a very good and persuasive speaker. The first way that Napoleon and snowball were different was that while Napoleon only cared about how everything would benefit himself. Snowball cared nothing about himself and would care only for the benefit of the Animal Farm. One early example of Napoleon’s selfishness was when he secretly raised the puppies for his own purpose. Snowball had many different ideas and plans that would lessen the workload upon the animals. Napoleon at first seemed to strongly disagree with all the plans and wanted no part in any of it but then after he got rid of Snowball he brought the ideas all back up and claimed them as his own. Snowball was also a big enthusiast of animalism and wanted it to spread to all the other farms while Napoleon only wanted to be superior
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