Snowbound Trail: A Short Story

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I couldn't believe that we had missed the one turn were told to take. It was -5 degrees on Sunday River, one of the largest ski resorts in Maine, The website seid that most of the snow was covered with ice, not the best conditions but by all means not the worst. My friend Ben and I were skiing for the first time on Sunday River. We were told that as long as we took the turn on the Snowbound trail, we would end up at the lodge that our parents would be in, But no matter how many times we kept saying to ourselves that we had to make a turn on Snowbound we still managed to miss our turn. After a little while, we realized this As we had started to see signs pointing to lodges, but none of them were ours. We decided to ask someone who looked…show more content…
“Ok, we'll be down in 5 minutes.” we answered. Then we hung up. “Wow, I'm surprised they didn't call our bluff.” ,Ben proclaimed “I know right, they usually catch on to things like this.” I added. We decided that we should probably get down on time in order to avoid another phone call. We continued all the way down to the lodge in silence. When we got down we agreed that before confronting our parents we should get some of the hot chocolate which was being dispensed through a big metal canister in front of the lodge. The second we entered the lodge our parents came up to us and asked us what really happened, we decided that for the rest of our vacation to end up well it would probably be best to just tell them the truth, and that's exactly what we did. After listening to our story all they said was that next time we should read a map, it seemed like they didn't even care that we were completely lost and that we had to hike back up the mountain while it was -5 degrees outside! But to me and Ben all that mattered was that we got down to the lodge safely and in time to pick up some of the free hot
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