Snowflake Research Paper

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Snowflakes of the Universities Protests are happening at universities all over America. What exactly are the snowflakes protesting? When interviewed on the streets by the media 9 out of 10 have no idea what they are protesting except to say Trump. When you ask specifics, they have no answer. When asked if they voted over 70% did not take the time to register to vote or have the incentive to go to the polls. I would be ashamed to be part of a protest when I had not bothered to use my right to vote for a candidate but then protest the winning candidate. President Elect Trump won because people did vote. He won because he received 270+ Electoral College votes. He did not overthrow our government; he did not cheat; he did not have people killed to silence them. He campaigned day in and day out talking to the real people of America and asking for their vote, not feeling…show more content…
How can they make provisions for ones who say they are traumatized by the will of the American people? Why are they not telling snowflakes to get to class and work on their degrees so if later they want something different in our country they might be in a position to make a change? Will they be held legally accountable when these snowflakes have the next trauma and flunk out because they cannot function? How often can snowflakes pull this scam off? A university’s role is to prepare students to walk into careers prepared to work. How does this enabling of such juvenile behavior contribute to that goal? What we have now is an embarrassment for all college millennials, even ones who are not snowflakes. Because of the media coverage, the average person now believes our universities and students are out of touch with society and I am writing this to let you know there are more of us than them and we are coming after the careers the snowflakes will never have. Micah
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