Snowpeicer Essay

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This paper examines different theories in relation to the video "Snowpeicer." It seeks to show the way the three identified theories manifest from the video and the impacts they create. The three theories include structural functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionism. Even though the theories are distinct, they are expressed in the one same movie analyzed in this study. Structural Functionalism This theory looks at the society as a complex system with different parts that work together in solidarity to promote peace and stability. The film "Snowpeicer," written by Bong Joon-Ho gives different escapades of torture and punishment orchestrated by Mason. Even though there is some sense of oneness as people travel together on the train, which indeed proves the world’s diversity, the rages of conflicts later ensue as the power are mistreated by the powerful individuals. The poor are pushed to the ramshackle at the back by the armed border guards. The elites enjoy the pleasure and freedom of moving in the train dictating that terms that govern the traveling. The society would function effectively when there are unity and…show more content…
It implies that the true nature of people is perfectly demonstrated in their perfect interaction with the environment. The movie shows the people who are worked in the oppressing society. As the poor people are pushed to live like low-class citizens, they become annoyed and seeks retaliation. It is a true revelation that the environment created for people to live in determines their resultant behavior. The leadership has a greater responsibility to ensure that people are united by advancing policies and rules that keep them together instead of dividing them. There is an apparent socially fabricated struggle as the people considered to be vulnerable decides to fight for their space. This would be a greater recipe for chaos as seen in the
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