Snowpowers Narrative

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"Delaney, do you happen to have any snow gear?"

"No..." she replied skeptically.

"Well then! Let's find you some! It snowed last night!" I exclaimed this with such excitement that she had no choice but to look out to the beautiful sparkling snow, covering the trees and any abnormalities in land. I watched as she looked down through the window to peer at the snow which gave off a vibrant glow. We rushed to give eachother a nod of approval and went off to look for anything that might help us bear the cold and snow.

"I found snow pants!" Delaney yelled to me as I watched her ascend from the basement and on the the first floor.

"Good," I yelled back. "I found some hats and gloves," I said, my voice muffled from moving being in the inside
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As I recited the basic steps on how I have made my snowmen in the past, she listened carefully, her face bland, looking as if she might fall over from the cold.

We made a base with snow in the back of the yard and started to roll out first snowball until it got huge. Soon, we had rolled it so much that it was knee high and that's when we realized that we would have to move it across the yard. No one could barely see it! We took the huge snowball and rolled it across the yard and we realized that this was going to be a big
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It is really cold out here!" Delaney stated, not a bit of exaggeration in her voice.

"I know," I giggled. "That's the point! It needs to be cold to have snow!"

"Well, I think that it should be warm!"

"Okay, Delaney," I said, my sarcasm filling my voice.

When we started in the middle of the snowman, I told Delaney that I would be back and I started to head inside. We forgot the carrot! Our snowman wouldn't be complete without it! I grabbed it out of the refrigerator and ran back outside and to where Delaney was standing.

"Oh, a carrot," she said. "Do you have coal?"

"Yeah. It's in the garage," I answered realizing that I would have to go back inside my house to grab the keys. "I'll be back... again."

For a second time, I end into the house and grabbed the keys. I rushed outside and to the garage door. I didn't have any idea what key it was. I would have to go through all of the keys.

We tried almost all of the keys and finally found the right one. We grabbed a few pieces of coal and went back to actually crafting the snowman. We had finished rolling the middle of the
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