So As Most Of You Probably Know I Decided To Do A Little

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So as most of you probably know I decided to do a little experiment and see how much money I would make if I wrote for Associated Content. So let 's just get right to it. For the week I worked 43 hours, wrote 58 articles and I made $308.36. This comes out to: $ per article = $5.31 $ per hour = $7.17 I also crunched some other numbers just for the heck of it. Here is how much I made per article in different categories: Topic Articles Total $ Average Arts & Enter 1 $7.22 $7.22 Books 6 $34.98 $5.83 Gov & Hist 1 $8.02 $8.02 Movies 6 $32.73 $5.45 Religious 9 $49.64 $5.51 Sports 24 $111.10 $4.62 Television 5 $24.72 $4.94 Video Games 6 $32.19 $5.36 My conclusion to these numbers is that I 'm not sure it makes a…show more content…
Remember you 're writing 53 articles. When you have that many articles you can get page views. All you have to do is get a good amount of loyal readers, which I 'm fortunate to have (thank you loyal readers!), digg everything and do a little more promotion and you should. Also remember it 's accumulative. After the first week I 'll have 50 articles gaining page views and bonus, after the second week I 'll have 100 articles gaining page views and bonus, after the third week 150 articles, by the end of the month you 'll have 200 articles gaining page views and getting a bonus. 2. My offers were just down last week. That week I only made $5.30 per article but my articles from the week after are averaging closer to $5.80. That doesn 't seem like much but if I had made $5.80 the week I was keep track of hours then I would 've made $7.82 per hour. 3. I did not do any CSOs. If you 're fortunate enough to know the topic for the CSOs then that 's some easy $8 or $10 articles, which is more than my other offers were so they would improve your average. 4. I took NO keyword density into consideration AT ALL. When I made my list of topics at the beginning of the week I failed to take popular searched for words into consideration. When I wrote them I did not check my keyword density. If you do those things not only should the offers be higher but you should get more page views. So even though $7.17 isn 't a high average, I think a few tweaks could certainly
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