So Get On With It If You Must

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So get on with it if you must.” Lionel went flaccid, and Morgane, losing interest in this game, pulled away. However, the flogging resumed. Even now, he heard the sharp crack of the whip and felt the searing pain of the lashes against his bare skin. The nausea that crawled up his throat that day returned, burning his mouth. He balled his hands into fists in his lap, hoping that would cause the trembling to subside, and he might pull himself together before he did or said something foolish. Alis massaged his lower arm gently. “You didn’t swear to her.” “I… No, I didn’t.” “And you were flogged over thirty times.” Alis stated this as a fact, not a question. “Each time Morgane asked you to swear fealty, you said, ‘I am loyal to my king and…show more content…
Please. No one considers you anything other than brave. Faced with assault and certain death, you stood firm. Fought back as best you could.” “I wanted to die with my dignity intact, but I came so close to cowering and submitting. If Arthur and his retinue hadn’t rescued me right in time… I was a breath away from surrendering. Tell me, Alis, what kind of man gives in?” Alis laced her fingers through his. “Lionel, I must speak freely, and I hope you’ll listen.” She took a deep breath and blew it out. “Are you listening to yourself? You were abused and victimized by dark magic wielded by the most terrifying sorceress ever known. Any other man would have given in straight away, just as your comrades did. You hold yourself to a standard that a human cannot meet. And I believe that’s what’s causing you pain. Allow yourself to be human, Lionel.” He shook his head. “I was weak.” “Are women who are raped weak?” Alis challenged. “Of course not! It’s the perpetrator’s fault entirely, never the woman. The cruelty lies in the heart of the rapist, not the person suffering abuse.” “Then why can’t you afford yourself the same empathy? Compassion. Understanding. Forgiveness.” Lionel pulled his hands from Alis’s and strode to the dining table. Needing a distraction from the intensity of their discussion, Lionel grabbed his goblet and poured fresh mead into the vessel until it overflowed. He took a healthy gulp, then headed back to his seat, but Alis was

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