So Long A Letter By Marium Ba

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In the novel So Long a Letter by Marium Ba, pologmy and friendship is two of the major themes in the book. The main charter in the book, Ramatoulaye suffers and endures a long journey of love and betrayal. Ramatoulaye a well educated women, is a teacher, a wife and most importantly a mother of twelve children. After things between her and her husband escalate, she is left with a tough decision on whether to weather the storm and stay, or leave her husband and become a single mother of twelve children. Through out the book, the author speaks about three different polygamous marriages. However, I will be discussing the two major ones which include Ramatoulaye and Aissatou. The main differences between these marriages are the motives of entering a polygamous marriage. Mariama Bâ speaks powerfully against polygamy in her novel , however the differences among these polygamous marriages is a good tool of understanding Senegalese culture. In addition, It is important for one to understand the kind of relationships which Ramatoulaye and Aissatou shared with their husbands.
Aissatou marriage was different from Ramatoulaye. Aissatou marriage took place due to family obligations unlike Ramatoulaye who married by choice. Ramatoulaye marriage was not hindered by their parents even though her mother found him “too handsome, too polished, and too perfect for a man” .Ramatoulaye knew that first sight that “he was the one she was waiting for” (Mariama). Their association “endured over

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