So Much Advertising for Women

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They might see them on television, on the internet, in a magazine/newspaper, or on even on a billboard. However, people never realize that these ads seen on a daily basis have an effect on our society; especially on women. Advertisers like to appeal to our fears, hopes, desires, concepts of success, worth, love, and beauty. When we focus on the effects advertising has on women, our results are mostly negative. The main purpose of an advertisement is to inform; however, advertisements also persuade negative views towards beauty and sexism
Beauty, particularly a woman's, is supposed to come from within. The inside beauty of a person is worth more than all the artificial beauty. Yet many women go to extraordinary lengths to change their faces and their bodies. Advertisers use ads to advertise what they think is the “perfect body”; in which most cases are overly thin. That does not help women in achieving a better self-esteem, on the contrary, they make them feel worse about themselves. Many times advertisers “enhance” the beauty in a model. They use programs like photo-shop. They make the beauty even more unrealistic. It is proven that the average model now is more than 20 Percent underweight (Bower 2). However, Computer imaging software is used to stretch the size of the models presented in the advertisements, thereby keeping attractiveness constant (Bower 3). Still the importance of physical attractiveness prompts…
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