So Much Inequality in Our World

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Global Inequality
Most likely every single person in the world is going though an inequality and suffering from it in the society that we are living in such as racial inequality, gender inequality, income inequality, global inequality, and etc. Even though there are more people today joining organizations or associations to stop inequality than before, social inequality is keep growing. We need to think about why inequality is keep growing and not getting batter as the time goes. Growing inequality is the one of the biggest and most challenging social and economic changes that we have to make. People’s concern these days is inequality about the fact that richest 1% in United States have so much more than anybody else in America, and the fact that a lot of people are suffering from the poverty in United States. Today, the rate of people becoming homeless has increased enormously than it was in past few years, and it seems like the focus is only on the United States. It is true that inequality in Unites States is very serious issue and is totally out of whack; however, same issue has to be told to people about global inequality. Global inequality is actually way worse than it is in the United States; we are just not seeing it. Even though people know what the problem is some people might think that there is nothing we can do about it because that is how things go. As we think, rich people have more power, and mostly they rule the global economy. Therefore, I want to address
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