Essay on So Much Stress in Choosing A Career As an Educator

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The ever-present stress of choosing a career is eminent among people of today’s society. There are many different ways he or she could be thinking. One might be looking for a career that will bring satisfaction or one where their talents and strengths lie. They could also be interested in only what they can get out of the job, whether or not it pays well, how much vacation time is offered, or simply if they can obtain prestige from the job. No matter what one wants in a career success will always be among the desires. A career in the field of education is one that exemplifies most of the qualities that are desired in a job and requires several things to be successful, but also provides many opportunities for a person.
In order for people to appreciate the field of education, one must be informed properly about the description of this career. Teachers are more than everyday working professionals: teachers are heroes, mentors, and caregivers. There are certain features of teaching, whether at a junior high or a college university, that remain the same no matter the level. Research indicates that one of the key characteristics of a quality education is a sensitive and responsive caregiver. Other features are excessive planning ahead, predicting social and academic performances of children, and helping children feel confident in themselves (Rentzou 368). As for teachers at a higher level of education, teachers must prepare for students that may cause problems with other…