So Much Water So At Home By Carver

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In “So Much Water So Close to Home”, Carver creates a story describing the disparity of power between genders, focusing especially on a female perspective to allow us to understand how the protagonist Claire is feeling throughout the situation with a rape victim, Susan Miller. Through her viewpoint, we witness events and feelings that even Claire’s own husband does not realize, and also some feelings that Claire herself does not fully comprehend. These characteristics help shape the text and establishes gendered modes of experiencing the world. As a whole, “So Much Water So Close to Home” exhibits how women during Claire’s time were more prone to gendered imbalances both in a relationship and society. As soon as Claire heard about…show more content…
Perhaps all of these tragic incidents of girls dying activated an empathetic response in Claire, highlighting how helpless she feels in her community and maybe even home. As a result, Claire reminds us to always respect and the remember the dead because if not, it means the deaths of the girls would have been a waste and we allow such monstrous behavior to proceed unfettered. Seeing everything through Claire’s perspective also highlights the high vulnerability and wariness that women feel almost everywhere during the time period. During the exchange between the truck driver and Claire, he says “You know it’s no good for a woman to be batting around the country by herself” insinuating that women are less capable of driving (Carver 189). Claire is also seen as just an object, with the truck driver blatantly looking “at my breasts and legs” with no respect whatsoever (Carver 189). Claire just freezes up with fear, explaining how gender inequality still remains a prevalent issue during that time period. Even with her husband Stuart, the object of hands comes up multiple times throughout the short story as Stuart repeatedly tries to “come up behind and touches my arm. His fingers burn” (Carver 183). He almost expects Claire to agree with his sexual advances whenever he wants, becoming angry when she refused. The hands presumably reminded her of the victim Susan Miller because she thinks Stuart touched the body
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