So Why Won 't You Admit That You 're Gay? Essay

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- So why won 't you admit that you 're gay? - I 'm not gay. Is that it? Listen, Nkosi 's gone. Let 's get out of here. - What does she have that most chicks don 't? - Nokuthula understands me.
 - She 's drama free, stressless and fun. - That 's another way of saying she 's old? While you 're with me... I don 't want you to see other girls. - Has it started kicking yet? - No. It 's still too early. You can pay there, sweetheart. Friend... Tell me, what will you wear tonight? Don 't forget that we 're VIPs and that I 'm 'Miss Party '. I don 't think I 'll be able to make it. What do you mean, friend? How often are we invited as VIPs? I want to wear something sexy. But not too sexy. I don 't want Jojo to think I 'm trying to attract other men. 
 But, friend... Thobile... Thobile! Friend... Who are you chatting to? - Let me see. - No, friend. Friend, I really hope... that you 're not chatting to my Jojo. - Because I 'll chop you up and make a curry with you. - Friend... I know that if I show you this, you 'll be hurt. Give me the phone. I want to see it. - I want to see what it is. - No. Stop it! - Give me the phone. - Stop it, GC! Where did you get this photo? What 's going on here? Well, after you told me that Jojo doesn 't want to be seen... with you, and that he doesn 't want anyone to know that you 're dating, I became suspicious. - Go on. - Well, I did some snooping... and found that photo. That lady is his wife and that 's his
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