`` So You Want For A Social Worker `` By Alan Keith Lucas Essay

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Summary and Opinion
After reading Alan Keith-Lucas’s book, “So You Want to Be a Social Worker,” I felt like I had found a lot of timeless truths. I say that because whenever I read it, I pictured being in a black and white movie listening to an old man talk about societal behaviors that still hold true today. The first two chapters discussed a lot about our beliefs and what those are, along with the common ground we share with non-Christians. Then the book goes on to discuss how we can use our beliefs to understand the nature of human beings. One of my favorite things he says is, “He or she doesn’t see people as “naturally good” or “naturally bad,” but as fallible creatures, who by the grace of God, are able sometimes to transcend themselves” (Keith-Lucas, 1985, p. 11). Keith-Lucas also mentions that social work and the Bible can connect to an extent that is useful to us. One way he mentions the two connecting is when he talks about love being the answer. In the second portion of the book there are a lot more Christian views applied to the social work realm of things, which include the views of sin, suffering, and the difference between spiritual and material needs. When discussing sin, Keith-Lucas added a lot of context to how the church use to view sin in two categories of “hot-blooded” and “cold-blooded,” which I thought was really interesting. I never knew the church use to have real categories for sin. And the sections about suffering and witnessing to others
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