So You’ve Decided to visit Earth.

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So You’ve Decided to visit Earth.
Pamphlet with 10 simple rules to aid your survival on the world of this up and coming hostile species
Paid for by the Galactic Confederation. Rule Number 1: Eavesdrop, Eavesdrop, Eavesdrop. The gateway to understanding human mind is spending time reviewing their transmissions. Remarkably un-shy and very gregarious, they have been broadcasting both their audio and visual entertainment for decades much to the annoyance of other neighboring, less chatty species, who grow annoyed by this constant racket. However, spending a little time watching their transmissions, which seems to focus on both their tendency towards violence and their obsession with mating, and soon you’ll be a complete expert on
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Rule number 3: Pick the right ship. Before approaching their world, be sure to select the right craft. Now, since the adventure of radar on their planet as well as satellites, and cameras many carried on their personal communication devices you must accept that you will be spotted at some point. While there are various models out there many claiming greater stealth or high speed capacity, we recommend what has worked well in the past, a saucer shaped craft. While this may seem a bit cliché and somewhat impractical given the laws of aerodynamics, the fact is, if you are spotted and reported, odds are you will be dismissed as a hoax or wild imagining and therefore, avoiding a visit from those pesky supersonic craft and their tracking missiles

Rule number 4: Know your no fly zones. Again this is crucial in your survival. As a general rule avoid major cities and high population areas as it is far easier for your activities to be noticed. Also, as a general rule try to avoid areas designated for military purposes or are experiencing conflict by one nation against another, as those are sure to bring the supersonic air craft and their missiles. In fact, what we recommend is to take you conduct your research in remote places, areas which do not have a high population and any type of formal air patrols. This will decrease your likelihood of being
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